About Me.

Don't feel like reading than watch this video. Some words from the man himself.

About My Design Process

Don't feel like reading than watch this video. Some words from the man himself.

 About The Designer 

Zed is a multi-media performance artist and fashion apparel designer living in Toronto. As a design graduate of George Brown College School of Art and Technology, he knew that he needed not only to be able to brand others but also himself and quickly established his persona: Liam Zed The Designer.


About the design process for LiamZed The Designer


As Liam Zed The Designer he dove into the design process to develop campaigns and designs for fashion, web graphics, and marketing. His eclectic and forward-thinking designs propelled him quickly through the ranks of major players in the music industry like Sony, developing branding campaigns for well-known festivals like Toronto Frosh and Everafter Music Festival.


According to Zed, Sony was his second major educational experience. While George Brown taught him to design, Sony taught him about working in a high-paced business environment. On the design process, not one to get comfortable, Zed exited Sony to begin a career for freelance graphic design where he works on large fashion campaigns, as well as, creating marketing visuals whose branding power lifts small businesses above their competition.

Why Hiring a Freelance Graphic Designer is a Move You Need to Make

As a business owner, you know it’s difficult these days to elevate your product or services over those of a competitor. One way you can make sure your company stands out in a crowded market is to hire a highly skilled freelance graphic designer like Liam Zed The Designer in Scarborough, ON, Canada. Whether you are in need of illustration services, apparel design, website design or logo design, Liam Zed The Designer does it all. These services can catapult your business over others, garnering you more customers and in turn generate more profit. If you have never procured the services of a freelance graphic designer, you will be amazed at the quality of the services Liam Zed The Designer can provide for you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you elevate your current business model.